Get the Midstream App

Midstream App

The Midstream App has been developed to meet the needs of all Midstream residents. In addition to having access to a comprehensive business and services directly, users can conveniently log emergency calls within the boundaries of Midstream.

It is important to note that the App works with geo location so you must be within the boundaries of Midstream to make use of the Midstream emergency services benefits, namely Paramedics, Security and Snakes/Bees catchers. Please ensure that your location settings are ON when using the App.

Midstream App


1. Download – visit the Google Play, App Store or Huawei Store, and download the Midstream Access App.

2. Log in – once you log in, you will receive an OTP, if verified and approved by the relevant HOA.

3. Insert OTP – you will have immediate access to all the functions of the App.

Additional information:

The emergency call-out function for Paramedics, Security and Snakes/Bees are only available for users verified and approved by their HOA.

For more information, contact your HOA in Midstream or send an email to